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If you're ready to create an audience journey that brings your leads from social media and ads into your personal email space, then you're in the right place! Unlike social media, your emails are a space all your own and one of the best marketing tools you have.

What You Can Expect

A strategy session to discuss your current opt-in and goal for the funnel. Don't have an opt-in? No worries. We can figure this out together.
A completed marketing funnel with up to 8 beautifully branded emails
An Opt-In Form
Template for your regular emails
Basic segmentation set-up via tags and lists. 
Final pass copy review (I'll add in details to your pre-written copy to draw your audience in)

Loom video walk-through of everything that has been set-up. You can use this as a reference in the future. 
"Working with Natasha has been such a joy. She's consistent, easy to communicate with, and a ninja when it comes to email marketing, social media, and affiliate sales. Working with her was one of the smartest investments I made for my business this year."
-Melissa, Bless This Mess
I take my proven method of building a solid foundation in your ActiveCampign through the three necessary pillars - Connection, Nurture, and Conversation.

After working together you'll have each of these in place!

I’ve worked with a lot of online small business owners over the last 3 years, and can confidently say most of us share this habit…


There was a period where we had to because of money, time, or some combo of both. And as the business grew, it became hard to break that cycle. All of a sudden we find ourselves trying to learn 100 new platforms to make our marketing, content, and business run. 

In this growth phase don't let your audience get the short end of the stick, and miss out on hearing the amazing product, service, and information you have to share.


When it comes to getting your marketing funnel set up, give yourself the freedom to have it done for you while you focus on the parts of your business which light you up.

With an automation, you can sit back and watch your contacts get all the information they need to turn into customers!
Make sure they receive the best info from you at the best time with segmentation and conditional sending. 
-One strategy call to map out email marketing plan and discuss opt-in/lead magnet options if needed.

-A completed marketing automation with up to 8 emails and contact scoring when available

-Opt-In form for your website

-Basic tag/list segmentation

-Email template design

-Final pass copy review + Access to my Sell With Emails templates

-Loom video walk-through of the final set-up. Followed by review meeting.

-Up to 5 hours of edits
Activate Level 1 - Starting at $2500
-Everything from Level I

-1 Pipeline with

  >> Up to 5 stages

  >> Up to 10 email/SMS/notification 
  >> Deal/contact scoring.
Activate Level II - Starting at $4000

Maybe you have a newsletter opt-in on your site or a freebie you offer on social media, but what happens when your audience enters your ActiveCampaign account?

>>They receive one welcome email and then wait until your next newsletter or sale to hear from you...

Or worse!

>>They hear nothing from you right away?!

Don't leave your audience hanging!

With a funnel, you can be sure they are receiving timely, pertinent news, updates, and information about you and your business. 

Whether you are working on building a relationship or want to show off your latest product or service, a funnel will ensure you have the system in place to do so.
Natasha Yonkof
After years of working in ActiveCampaign and with many amazing business owners, I've found the foundational pieces every business could use.
My name is Natasha and I want to create beautiful, powerful marketing funnels for you!  
Let me use my experience and knowledge to help you nurture your audience and send them great emails.

Have questions? Send an email to 

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