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Annual Content Plan

Don’t let the word annual fool you! This is something you can use at any time to plan out some content for the future…but we really like the sound of annual ;)

There are many ways to plan content for your business (Asana, Google Calendar, etc.) and multiple things to consider (Do you have a big launch in July? Don’t forget to plan for the email series). Right now we’re going to focus on a general content bucket that will get you through most seasons of your business.

If you’re new to content buckets then be prepared to fall in love. These make creating content and writing emails feel second nature and in line with your goals. You can download the template here and fill it out as we walk through the process.

We’ll start by looking at the 4 pillars of your business. These are large subjects that encompass the goals of your business. In our example of a health blog that focuses on healthy meals and mindfulness, our 4 pillars are Recipes, Food Prep, Kitchen Basics, and Mindfulness.

Next, we want to create 4 subcategories under each pillar. These are medium topics that fit under each pillar category but also have various topics within themselves. You’ll see the subcategories of Recipes are: Whole Foods, Kids, Special Events, and Easy Meals.

Finally, we are going to create mini-categories under each sub-category. There is room for various things to touch on under each of these, but they are fairly specific. For example, under the subcategory Whole Foods, we have subcategories Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and Snacks.

After you’ve done this for each section take a step back and look at what you just created!

No more having to guess what to write about. Simply choose any cell and then write what you know about that topic. Want to make sure you aren't talking about the same thing each week? Great, choose a different pillar each week and then choose a different subcategory each time you repeat a pillar. In no time you'll have plenty of content to pull from!

Can’t wait to see what you create!

Want help implementing the content you create or creating more? Let's work together.


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