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How to create an onboarding email series.

We talk a lot about sales and nurture series (rightfully so, these babies are essential to a good customer journey), but a funnel that doesn’t get enough love is our onboarding series.

These are useful if you sell anything that goes beyond a quick one-time use, but are especially great if you sell something with a re-occurring payment/membership. You want your customers to feel taken care of with their initial purchase and also confident in buying again when the time comes.

If this sounds like something your business could use let's go over the key components to a powerful onboarding series.

1. Encouragement!

There is nothing worse than clicking purchase and then having that dark cloud called buyers remorse set in. Help ease their fears by letting them know they made a great choice. Beyond just saying "good job", list out the reasons it was a good idea. Focus on the transformation they can expect from the purchase

2. Set Them Up For Success

What tools, resources, FB Groups, Member site features will be most useful to them doing well with your product, service, or membership? Don’t assume they know everything at their fingertips. Don’t firehose them either. If the main feature is a FB group then an email or two reminding them to join and how to participate is great. However, if the main features are a FB group, an in-depth membership site, and a resource library then you’ll want to start with one overview email and then walk them through each of these in separate emails.

3. Keep In Touch

The timeline here will vary on your onboarding series and how often you are emailing in general, but it’s important not to fall off the face of the earth after someone has gotten started. Check back in with encouragement, next steps, and ways you are still available. With these three keys you’re ready to open the door to open onboarding (see what we did there).

Need help with an onboarding series? Schedule a call to chat with us.


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