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Ready to create emails that sell?

These templates will help you write and create eight emails for your sales funnel. Helping to solidify a strong, automated process to take your leads to paying customers!

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I'm no fortune teller, but I'm willing to predict you want your business to make money. I know, impressive mind reading skills! 


While your purpose or vision for your business is well beyond just dollar signs (looking at you wonderful creators, educators, and leaders), you do need a few to keep the ship running.


And even better if those dollars can flow in on an automated process...freeing you up to focus on parts of your business and life that light you up and bring you joy. 


Cue a well-oiled sales funnel.

Wait, what's a sales funnel?

If you’re not familiar with sales funnels let’s do a quick overview!


Simply put, it’s the process by which you convert cold or warm leads to make a purchase.


While it would be lovely for people to search a random phrase, come across your site, and simply join your mastermind or purchase your course, that is very rarely the case. So creating more sophisticated funnels is key, especially for higher-priced products, offers, and memberships. This typically involves something like the below:

Sales Emails Graphics (1).png

As you can see above, there are many ways to go about the nurture process of a sales funnel. But we wouldn't be here if emails wasn't my favorite!


According to OptinMonster, emails have one of the best engagement rates...even better than social media. That's probably in part because people stop and read their email more than any other marketing channel. 

Sleep Advisor found that 55% of people check their email some time before they go to work, and on average we spend 2.6 hours a day in our emails. 

Sales Emails Graphics.png

Are you ready to write some amazing emails?

Now that you know the importance of a sales funnel and how powerful the email component is, it's time to build your own!


Normally, creating some type of opt-in or lead magnet for your ads or social media leads is the easy part (if you need some guidance on the opt-in/lead magnet check out this blog post).


However, entrepreneurs often find their biggest roadblock is creating the email series. 


Luckily, these templates help walk you through the process of creating 8 converting sales emails. The templates include:

  A 3-part foundation builder to make creating emails even simpler

  A template outline for each email with examples

  Suggested subject line options

  Design and tone tips for each email

Don't leave your new leads hanging!


Create a beautiful email series that will introduce them to you and what you offer.


Then do a celebratory dance as you watch your sales funnel work it's magic (AKA the hard work you've put into it).

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