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Tropical Leaves

The Tropical Connection

Creating an authentic and genuine email funnel to bridge your audience to your message.

A done-for-you solution that takes the anxiety and unknown out of email marketing.

i hear these quetions a lot...

"Is email marketing even worth it?"

"How often should I send emails?

"Which subject lines get opened?"

"What do I even say in my emails?"

"Am I going to sound spammy?"

Which is why I created
The Tropical Connection
A done-for-you process that provides expert strategy, engaging copywriting, and freshly designed emails. 

Natasha Yonkof

After spending years helping entrepreneurs like you piece together their email strategy, I've found the keys to creating emails that nurture and convert audiences. 

What's Included?

A strategy session to discuss your business, ideal audience, and goals for your email series.
Expert email strategy + copywriting

Campaign Design and Automation Implementation In Your ActiveCampaign.
Documentation and Walk Through Wrap-Up.

Green leaves on green
  1. You Own your emails. Instead of relying on the whims of the social media overlords and which dance is the hottest right now, you can instead know you always have an audience you can reach any time you need. 
  2. Millions of people spend every day in their inboxes. Regardless if someone says they love emails, they still more than likely check their inboxes frequently and do respond well to the ones that they're interested in hearing from. 
  3. emails allow you Automated ways to follow up. There are places you might need personal follow-up, like in your IG DM's. But with emails, you can build automated ways to respond to those engaging with your content. Saving you time, money, and stress!

Why Emails?

Instead of hiring someone to help with your strategy, another person to create your copy, a different person who can design the emails, and then someone who knows the technical side of your CRM...have it ALL done in one place.

"Working with Natasha and the Soc·Somu Agency was a huge benefit for me. Running my business solo, there are so many things on my "to-do" list and Natasha kept things organized, was available, and made sure everything stayed on track. I finally have my email campaign running (something I've been putting off for months) and it's already activating and engaging past clients. Knowing Natasha is there as a resource is such a relief and helps keep things moving forward in my marketing plan. I couldn't be happier with the service."

-Dr. Sydne, ThriVia

I’ve worked with a lot of online small business owners over the last 5 years, and can confidently say most of us share this habit…


The Tropical Connection is fantastic for most small businesses because I use my experience and expertise to build everything you need for a beautiful nurture series.




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