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Our services and products often result in close relationships with those we help. Regardless of how close the relationship may be, we recognize the trust our clients give us is vulnerable and special. As such, we want to honor that by showing up as our best selves with the best we can offer. When creating content, products, and services we will continuously come back to this value to ensure we are working on solving our client’s needs first and foremost. This also applies to updating or retiring old services and products if they no longer meet the needs of the community. We want to stay fresh and up-to-date on what most helps our people!

We believe in showing up as our most authentic selves, blunders and all. While we will always strive to be our best, mistakes can and will be made. We are committed to admitting to those mistakes and doing the work to correct them and future behavior. This also means we will amplify ways in which we lead in terms of expertise, activism, and individually. This is our commitment to leading by example and with honesty.

Lead With




The reality is we are engaging and working in a very fast-paced environment that is often entangled in new or updated technology and processes. While we believe this is ultimately a good thing and opens up opportunities that weren’t traditionally there, we also recognize this can lead to newfound issues on a personal and societal level. This can be in terms of social media use, online data collection, and targeting practices.

We will continue to learn about the opportunities in this market for our clients to be more successful, but will also monitor the very real consequences that accompany those opportunities looking for ways to market in a way that aligns with our values and goals for our current and future world.

We have HUGE dreams and goals both for ourselves and the future we are building. We believe radical change based on the ultimate goal of love for our fellow humans and the planet we live on is possible with the current resources We (the collective we) have. It’s a matter of re-allocation, visionary mindsets, and a willingness to try new ways of doing things which will get us there.


We want to see this vision realized by working with businesses and owners who have traditionally been overlooked, providing a workplace open to those with a similar dream and drive, give back to the community and those already doing the work to build the future.


change is


love for

ourselves +

each other

Yes, we are providing services and products in a B2B setting. However, we are all, firstly, humans striving to do our best in a pretty chaotic world. We want to approach business as a means to show each other love with our skills, abilities, and money. This means we will work hard, but will also honor ourselves and the best way to work with you in taking rest and building ourselves back up. We do so without guilt, knowing the best way for us to love is to also love ourselves.

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