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The Anatomy of Sales Funnel Emails

By now you probably know what a sales funnel is and why it’s important to have one set-up for your business. If not check out this blog first. This powerful flow will help your leads go from cold prospects to a warmed audience familiar with you and what you offer. However, you may be wondering what to actually put in those emails!

Let’s go over what makes up the bones of a good email sequence in a sales funnel.


This may seem obvious, but so often businesses want to jump to the selling or showing off what they offer and do. New contacts want to know with whom they are entrusting their problem or need. Give them the chance to get to know you and your business.

Testimonial/Social proof

Next you’ll want to include feedback from those who are similar to your ideal client, had the problem, and you solved it. Show your audience that the transformation they are looking for is possible with what you offer and sell.


It may seem counterintuitive to tell your readers why they might object to making the purchase, but it’s actually really helpful. For one, it lets your audience know you are mindful of what real concerns of theirs might be. Secondly, it allows you to address a negative thought they may have and leave them with a positive thought once you’ve addressed it.

FOMO/Missing Out

At some point in your funnel you’ll want to be sure to elicit a feeling of urgency. This should be done after you’ve built up the foundation of who you are, what you offer, and how you’ve helped others. Coming out the gate with urgent “buy now” emails often comes off icky and not the vibe I think you’re going for. However, after you’ve spent some time with your audience, it’s important to move them to action.

This will give you a great foundation to build some amazing emails. If you’re looking for more help, want an exact outline of what to write, subject line suggestions, and more then be sure to check out our Sell With Emails templates.


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