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What is a Lead Magnet or Opt-in ...and how do I create one?

You might hear the word “Lead Magnet” and get drawn into memories of a 6th grade science fair...luckily these very useful puppies will involve a lot less model volcanoes (unless that’s what your small business sells).

A lead magnet or opt-in is something you offer (normally for free) in exchange for a lead’s contact info. Here are a few examples:

-A pdf download of 5 creative makeup ideas to try for date night

-A printable art file of one of your custom designs

-An ebook on a topic related to your business

-A video tutorial or training


You might be thinking, “Can’t I just have an opt-in form on my website and if they want to hear from me they will fill it out?”

Yes, you can simply have an opt-in form with no lead magnet. No, they will not fill it out...even if they are interested in what you offer! The truth is we are hesitant to give out our info and LOVE to feel like we have received something in exchange for giving something away. Opt-in forms with no lead magnet tend to sit in the single digits in terms of conversion from visitors.

Then why do so many sites still simply have a basic opt-in? Many business owners, especially new ones, feel like they don’t have anything to offer that someone would be interested in. If you take one thing away from reading this blog, take this: You have something to offer that your audience wants!

You created and are running this amazing small business for a reason. You’ve found an area where you can be of service--which means you have knowledge that others want. We often get caught in a trap of believing what we know is common knowledge. But if that was the case then no one would have ever bought your product/service/course/membership - and even that is the case then that is more than likely a kink in the exact offer or how you’re presenting it then it is about the knowledge you have to give.

If you are planning on starting your email marketing plan or want to grow what you already have, then be sure you have a lead magnet in place that your ideal audience would want, even if it is a 6th-grade science fair volcano how-to.

P.S. We include help with lead magnet creation in our I'll Funnel For You projects. Check out more here.


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