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Why do you NEED to know what your CTA is when writing emails?

Being new to marketing and seeing “CTA” is akin to reaching your thirties and trying to decipher what the kids texting “OFC” means (speaking from experience here, does it really take that much longer to type “Of course” 😆)

However, once you know it means Call To Action and more importantly what it does, this is a powerful bit of knowledge.


Your Call To Action is the step you want your audience to take based on the info you are sharing with them. Here are a few examples:

-Download this freebie

-Follow me on social @yonkofco

-Let’s work together


I have already committed the cardinal CTA sin...don’t present more than one at once! But since those were examples I think you can forgive me. The point being, you do want to stay focused on what you’re asking your audience to do. If you are talking to them about several different things, the impact is not nearly as strong and the likelihood of them taking any action is seriously decreased.

If you’re creating a sales funnel where you want your audience to purchase a specific course then don’t mention grabbing your book, joining your membership, or other possible actions in the email series. Give them clear reasons why they should take the specific action of purchasing your course. We often need to hear something 5-8 times before we’ll take an action. So be sure to make sure those 5-8 times are a clear CTA, especially when creating your sales funnels.

Want more direction on your emails? Check out or email templates here.


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